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Thursday, August 6, 2009

More on Workboxes

I'm back with more links to bloggers who have implemented Sue Patrick's Workbox System.

There's a site with a comprehensive review of the workbox system explaining everything from how it works to how others have modified it.

Jess @ Color Me Orange shares a way she has modified this system for her eight children. (Could you imagine having 12 boxes for each child?)

Jess sorts things into folders, which she places in bins. When her students have finished a folder, they take the number off the folder and place it on the velcro spot on the bin.

This is also a great idea for small spaces. Some families do not have much room, so condensing the system would be a great idea. I would recommend finding clear envelopes as one of the key components of Sue Patrick's system is that the students can also see what is ahead, not just how much work they have left.

For those who have young preschoolers who need a little more flexibility, I recommend this Tot Tray idea. This Montessori inspired method will allow your toddler to choose what he or she is interested in testing out. I use this for my 20 month old and he loves it. This site gives you plenty of ideas, and her blog also has photos plastered with "Tot School" inspiration.

Ginger has a great modification as well. She uses those plastic (clear) drawers instead of clear shoe boxes. Another great idea for small spaces.

Over at Homeschool Creations, Jolanthe has set up a great system for her four children.

"While I love the Workbox System and understand why Sue Patrick set it up the way she did {and why it works that way}, we seriously do not have room for 48 boxes, 4 shelving systems and to implement it the way she recommends," Jolanthe comments. You must check out her colorful system. I just love the photographs!

In another post, she details the system. I think it's one of the best reviews of the Workbox System I've read, so check it out.

If you are using the workbox system and have posted an entry in your blog about it, please leave a link! :)

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Thanks so much, Mandy. :) We're loving them.