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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How is it going?

So, we're officially into Autumn now. How is your school year going so far? What are the ages of your "students"?

This year, my daughter, Merika, is in first grade and my second child, Nolyn, is in preschool. However, both of them are doing the same curriculum. Having children close in age has been a great benefit in this area, as the same curriculum can be slightly altered to fit both kids, even though they are about two years apart. They work together, helping each other out.

Keagan is two, so he's not doing any official work, but enjoys doing his activity tray and sitting in on lessons and activities with his siblings.

Some days are a little slow, as I am currently 10 weeks pregnant, and sometimes feel very queasy or overwhelmingly tired!

Anyway, let us know how things are going for you- what are your frustrations, what excites you about this year, and what are your hopes?


mimi said...

We have twins who are in 1st grade :) We are slowly getting our groove on...still tweaking things.

Jess said...

The biggest change this year in our daily routine is the fact that my 4-year-old does not nap anymore in the afternoons. That was normally the time when I homeschooled my 5th grader. So I haven't gotten together the 4 yo's curriculum yet. And it's thrown me way off. I try to find her things to play with, but generally she walks around the room interupting me 189 times while I'm trying to read the history lesson! I definitely need to sit down and research "how to homeschool with toddlers in the room"!! Fortunately my 2 year old and 11 mo old still nap during this time :)

Valerie said...

The biggest challenge this year is distractions from the outside. we are in the process of selling our house and moving out of state, so anytime the Realtor calls, we have to clean the house and leave so someone can come look at it. So hard to school in that environment. Anyhow, besides that I am super excited about the school year. This is my second year homeschooling and my first year homeschooling more than one at a time. I love it! We totally changed our curriculum (last year was 100% classical formal type stuff, this is is totally eclectic and a lot of Charlotte Mason styles).
My kids are.....daughter-3rd grade

The Mocha Mom said...

My kids are 12 and 13, we teach them at the same level as well. Makes life a little easier, but it also works out for them because where one lacks the other is ahead, they can help each other and balance each other out nicely. But they are both at the same level because that is where their educational needs are too. Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to find another homeschooler here.