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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


by Mommy N

I know.... it's sounds like an odd subject for a homeschool blog, but there is so much more to recycling than just taking your used cardboard boxes and aluminum cans to the local recycling center.

Recycling has become a new game to me. Although we do take our cardboard boxes and our aluminum cans to the local center (about 20 minutes away), I like to do so much more with everyday items so I don't have to throw things away. I haven't become a trash junkie, keeping everything, but I keep things I know I will and can reuse.

Here are a few items I have been able to reuse and what I'm doing with them now:

* baby wipe container - pencil, bead, candle, or button holder, etc.

* Enfamil containers - can be used for drums for the baby - just add beans or noodles and glue the lid on

* map container - rain stick

* baby food jar - store tree seeds in when learning about trees; homemade baby food; rubberband, small staples, and/or trashbag/bread tie containers

* Clorox wipe container - pencil/marker holder

* Diaper box - old clothes or paint clothes

*Peanut butter jar - hide-n-seek jar

(add rice and few small items - have kids find items by rolling the jar around to uncover what's hidden in the rice - K really liked this one!)

Those are just a few of the hundreds of everyday items that be "recycled" into another everyday use so they don't have to be thrown away. What other items do you "recycle" and how do you use them?

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