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Friday, December 19, 2008

Fun, fast, and inexpensive Christmas ornaments.. and a cute little video..

A friend of mine sent me this video by email - and I think all of us homeschool moms can appreciate it:

I also want to share some links to some of my favorite, easy, and inexpensive ornaments for the whole family to make:

These are called God's Eye Ornaments - We made a bunch of these and hung them all over the house:

These are a lot of fun, and (with my help) even my toddlers can make them.. they are glass bulbs painted with acrylic paint. It can be especially inexpensive if you hit Hobby Lobby or Michael's after Christmas and get for 80% off to save for the next year:

These are felt ornaments - felt being an inexpensive fabric to buy - and in a miriad of colors. Some of them call to cut out 2 and sew and stuff them (like the gingerbread man/woman), but for the younger kiddos you can just cut one and decorate:

Christmas is next week and then the week of New Years, coupled with computer issues I am having - so I probably won't post again until January. May you all have a very merry Christmas and a blessed new year!!

Much love and God bless.

Courtney P and Family

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