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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Making do..

Making do.. It was something my grandmother would speak of when I was a child. She would tell me stories about the great depression and how certain things, so-called luxuries were not available, or not affordable. So - they did without those luxuries.

It reminds me of one of my favorite shows - "17 and Counting" - that's the show on TLC about the Duggar family that has 17 children. This family manages to support themselves fully without one dollar of help from the government (i.e. welfare). Through watching the show I try to discover some ways to help my own family save and pinch pennies to make our money go farther.

The main thing that sticks out to me - is "making do". It is obvious that they aren't starving and are all dressed in what I would call "average" fashion - not too much and not too little. They aren't exactly wearing couture fashion - but they don't look like nerds either. They do things like buy clothes and shoes second-hand. This thrifty mom does that ALL the time. I have a hard time finding things for myself or my husband - but always find cute things for the kids. I shop Goodwill and the Salvation Army quite often.

The Duggars not only go the second-hand (and hand-me-down) route - but they also "make do" with what they have until it is NECESSARY to replace shoes and clothes. They aren't concerned with the very latest fashion, and don't appear to go out and buy a pair of Levis jeans for all the kids just because they WANT one. Even if you didn't want to go the second hand route - you would be surprised to see how much money you save by waiting to buy shoes and clothes only when you need them - like when your shoe's sole comes away from the upper, or they are beat up beyond being able to wear them in public, or when your daughter's sun dresses have all grown too small. (Verses - running out to buy a new pair of shoes for your DD just because her friend next door got a new pair.)

I know with my own kids each new season brings a long a list of "needs" because they can't wear last year's clothes (because they are too small) - but I guess this tip has even more to do with us moms going out there and having to have 300 pairs of shoes. I love shoes as much as the next girl - but is that REALLY necessary?

I guess what also made me think of "making do" is what's going on in my own household right now. We have one income and trying to start up a trucking business. Money is a bit tight. We have a dishwasher that doesn't want to drain properly. So we are having to "make do" right now by handwashing all our dishes. With Christmas coming and trucking being slow - we can't afford to walk out and purchase a new one. I could curse, or have a bad attitude - or I can do it the Christian way - and "make do" cheerfully. At least I have a house to wash dishes in - some can't say that - especially with today's economy and so many people getting foreclosed on.

So take a moment today and see where you could perhaps cut back or purchase one less "want" item - to bless your family budget.

I know I have been on a soapbox lately - I promise to come back next week with a cool holiday craft to share with you:-)

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