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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Days of the Week: Praise Him! (mp3)

Hey y'all,

After a few requests (okay, a couple- just two), I decided to record myself singing Praise Him: The Days of the Week song which I made up (using the tune from The Grumblers). Feel free to share it with your children and sing it with your family. We usually dance around the house singing it. Please, don't make fun of my voice. I had to redo it a couple times because I realized how hick I sounded. Ha! I'm not a professional singer (as you can tell), but I did my best. (And, as I tell my children- that's what counts!)

Praise God: Days o...


Heather said...

That is SO sweet--my kids will love it.

Shannon C said...

That is cute and you sing great! You have a good "kid music" voice. Anyway, thanks for sharing and making us smile today!

shannon C