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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

DIY Comic Books

When I was a kid, I loved comic books. It was likely a passion inherited from my dad, who was really into them as well. My brother and I use to make comic books of our own on lazy afternoons. You can do this too, even if your child does not know how to read or write, or draw, for that matter!

You'll need several things. If you want to make smaller books, you'll need scissors or a paper cutter. You'll also need a stapler, and, of course, paper.

Trim sheets so they are all the same size. Make sure they are stacked up well, and fold them group of sheets in half. There are several ways to staple your book.

One way is to fold your book and staple it in the folded position. This is the easiest way bind larger books.

If you are making smaller books, fold your book, then open it back up. Then slide your stapler to the folded line and staple along the line. I show both examples on the picture above.

Making books is a great way to recycle paper. You can use paper bags, pieces of junk mail, even magazines! Just make sure the sheets are all trimmed the same size.

Now the real fun begins! Drawing!

For my three-year-old, I asked him to tell me a story about himself. I wrote down exactly what he told me, and drew pictures for him to color. In his story, he was a ninja (with a mask) who kicked bad guys and helped people up when they had been pushed down. I left a few pages blank at the back for him to continue his story. (However, at this point, he rarely draws anything recognizable.)

Merikalyn loves to draw, and her pictures are usually recognizable. She drew a story about being a princess that turned into a mermaid. When she was done, she told me the story, and I wrote it down so she could trace over my words.

And hey, Mom, get involved too. You can see my little book (The Evolution of Mom) in the following post!

And if you're the dog, then you just watch. (And if you're the dog, then why are you reading this?)


Anonymous said...

The graphic looks great, Mandy! Thanks! :)


Heather said...

Very fun--my kids love doing that (of course with Mommy drawing all the time and Daddy writing comics it is kind of a natural. :))