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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

DIY Comic Books: The Evolution of Mom

by Mandy Mom

Evolution of a mom as seen through the drawings of a child.
(actually, I drew the photos, but they are based on real drawings of my
children's and my own as I aged.)

In the beginning, all mothers had arms formed in place of their ears. Also, mothers seemed to be in a constant frown. (Doesn't this remind you of a two-eyed version of Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc?)

Over time, mothers evolved, and even gained hair, duck-like mouths, and well, bodies, as their arms moved down.

Scientists aren't sure when mothers began to take on the form they have today.

Eventually, mothers finally gained a sense of style.

Which leads to the mother specifies as she exists today. A word to the wise. It might not be a good idea to encourage your child's artistic abilities by signing him or her up for an art class in, say, Characatures, because you might end up with an exaggerated version of mom you don't care for.

The End.

(Thank you for checking out my doodles. Please realize that these are merely doodles and do not represent my true artistic ability. Ha!)


Christie said...

Cute! My little ones are starting to bring me little drawings of me... I don't think we've even quite hit the Mike Wazowski stage yet though.... :)

Misty said...

HOW CUTE! My artistic abilities aren't even as good as your doodles! *LMAO*

Mommy N said...

you're so creative! Cute idea!

Heather said...

Absolutely adore the second to last doodle! This is a great concept. You should join me in posting doodles on Sundays (Sunday Praise Doodles) and Tuesdays (Tuesday Prompts) or even occasionally (both hosted @ Nice to not be the only one. Will add your blog to both blogrolls soon--things are kind of crazy right now and have gusts AND several orders I need to get finished in the next few days.