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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Made from what?

I love listening to little children talk. It's pretty funny how they mispronounce words. For example, my parents told my daughter they were going to a church convention, and she told me she wanted to go on a church adventure.

She calls the Renaissance Festival the Renaissance Vegetable. (At first the called it the "vestibule"!)

Today, we watched a show about how wheat was ground into flour and made into breads. As she was eating her muffin at lunch, she proudly exclaimed, "Mom! This muffin is made from weed!"

I choked on my drink. As it dribbled out my nose, I asked, "It's made from what?"
"Are you sure it's made from weed?" I queeried.
"Oh, I mean wheat," she corrected, emphasizing the T, as she looked at the package trying to read the ingredients.

I don't want her going around telling folks we serve muffins made with drugs, now!


Luke said...

That's probably a good thing to get straightened out [smile].

"Vestibule." Hilarious!


mrsNo said...

Oh, my goodness! Can't you just vision her telling her grandparents her mom puts "weed" in her food?!

Kristin-Homemaker@Heart said...

ahhhh hahahaa!