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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Free (that's right, FREE) Lesson Plans

Curriculum can cost thousands of dollars. As someone who uses Sonlight curriculum, let me tell you, a good quality curriculum is well worth the money, but I also understand that not everyone can afford such a luxury. Sonlight was our early Christmas gift to the kids- and they certainly didn't feel like they were cheated because it's full of wonderful books and creative games. If you really want to purchase a curriculum set, be creative in ways you can set aside money for it. Look for curriculum that is reuseable, so you can use it with your other children, or sell it when you're finished. When purchasing curriculum, remember- cheaper is not always better!

Still, if you can't afford it (especially with the economy the way it is), don't give up on homeschooling. You don't have to have curriculum to homeschool. If you prefer to have written lesson plans, here's a list of wonderful links with quality lesson plans. You can use these resources to create your own curriculum, or, if you're unschooling/deschooling, you can print a few things for your children to dive into when they're ready.

Tip: Try right clicking and open these links in a new window or tab. I have put my favorites in bold.

Environmental Lesson Plans
American Heritage Education Foundation
Word & Number Puzzles from Discovery

Thinkfinity (K-Adult Education)
Scott Foresman Grammer & Writing Handbook (grades 1-6)
Core Knowledge
The Curriculum Archive
A to Z Teacher Stuff
Lesson Plan Central
Lesson Plans & Teaching Strategies
Microsoft Lesson Plans
Discovery Education
The Teacher's Corner
TRIP for Teachers


Louisiana Momma said...

I would like to add a tip too Mandy - always check amazon and ebay before purchasing books/cirriculum full price.. I buy most of my books on amazon and have plenty of times gotten them for a penny plus shipping (around 3.99).. on books that retail for more than $20 plus shipping.. I am just careful to look at the condition of the books - that amazon always puts in the used section.. and if there is less than a dollar difference for a book with no writing vs.. some writing.. I pay the extra dollar.. but I have still gotten an awesome deal.. we use varied books, and suppliment a lot with Library books..

Oh and worldbook has a good general cirriculum for each grade level.. just do google searches for free unit studies on whatever is listed in the cirriculum and you will come up with lots of ideas..

You know me - I am miss spend-thrift :-)

Luke said...

"...cheaper is not always better!"

So true. I'm a big proponent of open source programs, but it's sometimes good to just pay the big bucks for the software that works.

But I do love freebies on the net! Thanks for sharing [smile].


Have Fun Teaching said...

Free Lesson Plans and Lesson Plan Templates on Lesson Depot Lesson Plan Templates